Competition for grammar school places in Kent and Bexley is fierce and increasing year on year with more and more children from outside the area trying for places.


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The schools are looking to select children with the greatest academic potential and selection tests aim to access not only the knowledge they have retained from primary education but also their ‘thinking skills’ Tests cannot be passed well by cramming and overloading students with information alone.  The students for today’s grammar school system must be able to demonstrate their future potential.


At Learning and Events we use a wide variety of teaching resources to facilitate the student’s development of relevant skills.   Early introduction and regular practice of verbal and non verbal reasoning problem solving along with reinforcement of Maths and English skills learnt in school prepare students for the 11+ entrance exams.


Our 11+ Clubs are small groups working towards the same aim.  All students within the group are worked with individually as well to ensure the course is tailored to their individual needs.


Places are limited.  Enquire now to enrol for 2015/16 courses.

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